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Over The Counter

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Review My Meds

Improving Patient Care

This consultation service includes but is not limited to a medication review, either comprehensive or targeted, of an actual or potential medication problem. The pharmacist will take into consideration all of the patient’s conditions, lab results, and medication therapies including prescriptions, over-the-counter, and herbal medications. This provides a great opportunity to receive any immunizations, diabetes education, smoking cessation information, etc. During your meeting, your pharmacist can identify ways to optimize your medications, as well as any potential cost-savings opportunities.

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Package My Meds

Medication Management Made Easy

With Package My Meds, we make it easy for you to take the right medication at the right time, every time. This system provides a simple way to manage even complex regimens with confidence. With this strip packaging system, we replace bulky blister packs and confusing medication planners. We package both your prescription and over-the-counter medications in a convenient clearly labeled plastic pouch organized by time of day. We can even print reminder bags with additional information. No more multiple pill bottles and endless trips to the pharmacy. Your medications will be ready on the date you and your pharmacy choose to be picked up or delivered in town!

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Schedule My Meds

How It Works:

About a week before your prescriptions are due, a pharmacy staff member will call to confirm the medications needed, review any changes since last fill, request refills from the doctor, and resolve any other issues. All the hard work is done for you providing you with one single, convenient day each month to receive your medications!

  • Prescriptions are ready on the date you and your pharmacy choose
  • Personalized service with monthly medication reviews
  • Avoid running out of your medications
  • Never have to call in your monthly maintenance prescriptions again
  • Monthly visit with your pharmacist to address any questions/concerns
  • Fewer trips to the pharmacy
  • Free delivery in town

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